I’m Meg; early 30’s (for now), wife to Aaron, mommy to baby Nola Claire and bloodhound Paige Eleanor.  Co-Ringmaster of the Moreland Circus.  A Southern transplant to the Midwest; lover of tacos, running, photography and fashion.

I started this blog as a way to document the every day – from the lovely to the laughable – moments that I hope I never forget during this season of life.  I’ve been told it will go by too fast, and it already is.  I hope if you’re reading this, you can find some humor, and something uplifting in taking a peek into my world.  My life is alarmingly ordinary and I have no shame in admitting that my house is a mess more often than not, my dog slobbers, my thighs touch, and I’ve spilled sweet & sour sauce in my handbag more than once (can someone invent walking egg rolls?  Ok thanks)

While we’re far from glamorous, we are blessed, and I don’t mean that in the social media # kind of way.  Our story has had more than a few bumps in the road, which makes us appreciate and want to remember even more these sweet moments.

Thanks for stopping by & enjoy your visit!